Colorcon   ACQUIRED 1978

Colorcon is a leading global provider of pharmaceutical technologies and a manufacturer of specialty chemicals and packaging for related healthcare industries. The company's best-of-class technologies are complemented by value-added services, including technical and global regulatory information services, training seminars and independent research support.

The primary market for Colorcon is serving manufacturers of pharmaceutical and nutritional products in the areas of controlled release technologies, excipients, and film coatings for solid oral dosage development, plus healthcare packaging. These products are used in the prescription and OTC drug, dietary supplement, veterinary and diagnostic product markets.

The specialty chemicals groups at Colorcon provide coatings, polishes, colorants and inks for the food and confectionery markets, and non-toxic printing inks and functional coatings used in direct and indirect contact applications involving food, medical devices, and associated packaging.

Founded in 1961, Colorcon's focus on market issues and innovation has earned the company an international reputation as a trusted supplier and partner. That reputation is based on superior product quality, unparalleled technical support, extensive regulatory assistance and reliable supply from multiple locations. Colorcon has 15 manufacturing facilities including 6 film coating plants, 5 functional packaging sites and more than 2100 employees.

Colorcon currently assists pharmaceutical customers through a worldwide network of twenty-five technical service laboratories, manufacturing facilities in seven countries, and direct sales representation in over twenty-five countries on five continents around the world.