Established in 1886, Berwind is a family-owned investment management company with a long history of financial stability and consistent growth in revenue and profitability. Representing several billion dollars in enterprise value, Berwind's six operating companies serve a number of industries including pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, medical packaging, automotive, life sciences, energy, general industrial, and natural resources. A significant portion of Berwind's revenue is derived internationally and Berwind has an aggressive acquisition program to reinvest its strong annual operating cash flows in future growth opportunities. Berwind also manages a portfolio of venture capital and private equity investments with the goal of generating attractive returns on investment while also broadening its exposure to different end markets (e.g. technology).

Berwind has a buy-and-hold investment approach which favors value-added industries and sustainable long-term growth and cash generation. They maintain 100% ownership in all of their operating companies and function under a highly decentralized business model, offering operating management significant earned autonomy while providing financial, business and operational advice and assistance from a small, energized corporate team headquartered in Philadelphia ("Berwind Corp").

The Berwind family is deeply committed to social justice and has a strong track record of driving positive social change. The Berwind companies are active in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, and the Berwind family conceptualized and led the establishment of Spring Point Partners, a social impact organization that invests in transformational leaders, networks and solutions that power community change. See more at www.thespringpoint.com.