Elmer's Products, Inc.   ACQUIRED 2003

Elmer's Products, Inc., is a company rich in history and tradition. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with facilities in Statesville, Ann Arbor, Seattle and in Canada, Elmer's has been producing the most well known line of consumer adhesives for over sixty years.

In 1947, the first consumer white glue was introduced and marketed by Borden® under the trade name "Cascorez Glue." It was packaged in glass bottles with "ice cream pop" type wooden sticks attached with a rubber band. Shortly thereafter, the glue was repositioned under the name "Elmer's Glue-All", after Elmer, the spouse of Borden's corporate symbol, Elsie the cow.

Elmer's has come a long way since then. Today, Elmer's markets hundreds of products developed to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. They range from a full line of adhesives, arts, crafts, educational and licensed products for children to a complete offering of craft, hobby, office and home repair products for adults. Through product innovation and acquisitions, the Elmer's family has grown to include an impressive collection of brands that provide project solutions and fulfill consumers' inherent needs to create, build and learn.

Elmer's also markets the number one instant adhesive in the U.S., Krazy Glue, with recent innovations including easy- to- use Instant Color Change Formulas and Single-Use Tubes, conveniently packaged and perfect for one fast fix.

Elmer's is proud to be a trusted brand that consumers have grown up with. Throughout history, the company has continued to grow based on its longstanding commitment to quality and innovation to meet changing consumer needs.